Шаблон для принта

Trim the ends to achieve the right length. 7. Glue the ends of the two bands together. 8. Wear your crown! Even our 2 year old, Theo, gets into it! Print out this free printable bird book and record all your backyard and neighborhood birds next time you’re on a walk or birdwatching! It’s designed for younger children (preschool, kindergarten, and first grade) and provides space for illustrations and details for each bird.

Print Coloring Pages — Tons of free coloring pages for you to print for your kids! Each a month features a poem and coordinating handprint. Check out the simplified version of the new USDA recommendations here.
Birding with children is one of our favorite things to do. Get help teaching the new MyPlate with our Four section plate and accompanying dairy bowl. Staff Wellness Ideas Flab-u-Less February Current Nutrition Education Grants School Grants for Healthy Kids : 1000 Schools can receive grants from $500-$5000 to support school breakfast and physical activity programs- Deadline May 2, 2014 Apply Here.

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