Айком 706мк2 инструкция

айком 706мк2 инструкция
The radio went into the closet until such time as I decided to fix it. The pigtail enters the box through a hole on the end, the left end in this picture. A grommet protects the cable as it enters the case, and also helps make a tight fit around the cable. Other interfaces are more specific to the 706MKIIG. I do not know how appropriate they are for the standard 706, or the MKII (non ‘G’). IC-706 Accessories This picture shows the family of accessories in front of the Samlex SEC1223 power supply and the radio itself. The problem is that serial interfaces are often in high demand on a computer. Page 1 of 47 —> N9MXY Rating: 5/5 Dec 18, 2016 15:28 Send this review to a friend Million mile radio?&nbsp Time owned: more than 12 months I own a MKII bought new in 98 with the DSP module.

The right picture shows the interface in front of my homebrew CI-V interface and the radio itself. If you are interested in rolling your own cable, Bux CommCo does sell the 13-pin DIN plug. They sell this connector with the locking tab and a plastic boot. Since another wire provided the full 13.8 VDC at 1 Amp, I did not see a reason to bring out an 8 Volt, 10 mA signal. These articles contains several schematics and kits designed by others. Back to my Experimentation Page Back to my Amateur Radio Page Last update: Monday, January 06, 2003 11:16:18 PMBack to my Home Page.

The second interface design is built around several discrete transistors, and is usually powered from one of the unused RS-232 control lines coming from the computer. The menu system is very easy to use compared to some other compact rigs i have tried. The 706MKIIG does not have a signal which directly drives an external amplifier.

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