Alcatel one touch upgrade инструкция

alcatel one touch upgrade инструкция
The micro-SIM goes into a housing at the top of the battery compartment, directly beneath the camera lens. Scroll down the settings menu and in the Personal section, tap on Security. To set up lock screen security, tap screen lock. Passwords are case-sensitive, and you can check your typing by ticking the Show password box. This will vary depending on your mobile network and where you are at the time, but the key thing to remember is that if a letter is there, your data connection is configured correctly. Below the screen you will find three touch sensitive «buttons». In the centre is a circle, which acts as the Home button.

When you’ve found the item you wish to attach, tap it to select it. Fresh apps can’t be downloaded, existing apps can’t be updated, even your social networks and email accounts can’t retrieve new data! Поискал в инете, нашел еще один мод, версия та же, заставка иная, а так все функции те же, время не сохраняется и темы так же не меняются, показалось интерфейс притормаживает, вернулся к первоначальному варианту по ссылке выше из этой темы.У меня в 21.00 показывает 11.00 до полудня. You will see any accounts that are already set up on your Pop 4. Tap Add account. If you have an Exchange email account (often used by employers, or education providers) choose Exchange. If your email is a regular POP3 or IMAP account, tap Email. Tap the Also include line, untick any apps which you don’t want on your Pop 4, then tap Done to close the options. If you’re setting the Pop 4 up as a new device, you won’t see ant Apps options.

Tap into the To line to select the intended recipient. Choose your preferred language by dragging your fingertip up and down the list of languages, then tap the yellow circle to begin. Tap to select the backup you’d like to restore the data from, and tap Done. You must agree to the Terms of service and Privacy Policy in order to use the Google account on your new Pop 4. Tap a link to inspect any which you would like to look at, then tap Accept to proceed.

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