Руководство сузуки болевард ц 50

руководство сузуки болевард ц 50
They are Suzuki’s big “showy” cruisers. M = Muscle This is a sportier, more “muscly” version of the Classic. The attractions of the Volusia remain in the new C50T with notable improvements. Throttle response is crisp most but slightly abrupt. By 800cc standards, it’s a real torquer. For a complete listing of the motorcycle tests available, see the _Motorcycle Cruiser Road Test Finder. Подвески достаточно мягкие, настроены на комфорт. Не любят неровного асфальта, колейности, пластиковой выпуклой разметки, грунтовки. Our only complaint is that the saddle’s foam is a bit soft and bottoms out after a couple of hours.

Initially, the bike’s appearance is a little intimidating, but as already stated, it’s smaller and lighter than its C90 sibling, and it is nicely balanced and easily managed once up and rolling. Exact broadcast times for the remaining 11 rounds will be announced later this week. Сервис, запчасти, обслуживание: расходники и некоторые запчасти вполне доступны без предварительных заказов. Bringing the C50 B.O.S.S to a halt are single discs up front and out back. The Boulevard C90T was made affordable by utilizing components borrowed from their Boulevard M90 architecture, even though it was a full-sized bagger, tipping the scales at 800 pounds. Use our Motorcycle Finder, below, to get everything you need on 2004 to present Suzuki Boulevards.

Охлаждение водяное, что лично для меня, несомненный плюс. The Suzuki Boulevard C50 B.O.S.S. rolls on IRC Grand High Speed 130/90-16 M/C 67H tube type front / 170/80-15 M/C 77H tube type rear, both mounted on 15-spoke black painted alloy wheels. Двигатель-обычный для такого типа мотоциклов низкооборотистый V-образный твин.

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