Инструкция к фотоаппарату canon eos 50 e

инструкция к фотоаппарату canon eos 50 e
These limits stem from the 4 GB maximum file size supported by the FAT32 filesystem format used on Compact Flash cards. See your browser’s documentation for specific instructions. {}. Автофокусировка по полю из 3 точек. 6-зонный оценочный замер. The metering flows the focusing so that the main subject is always correctly exposed. If the subject to the left of the frame, that is where the meter reading is taken. There are 11 different functions, each with two or three settings for you to custom configure the camera how you want some of the camera function to perform.

With the EOS-50E/Elan IIE QD, calibrations for up to three users can be set. Быстро взглянув на символы и значения на головках управления, Вы получите информацию об используемых в данный момент установках. Последней каплей стал рассказ знакомого, захлебывавшегося эмоциями от «диапазона», «цвета», «качества» пленочных снимков. The EOS 50E/Elan IIE offers a basic One Shot AF or AI-Servo Focus with AI-Focus capability.

You can then move the camera and recompose the image before taking the picture. There is a ±2 stops Exposure Compensation in half stops increments. An AE Lock that gives you more control over the final exposure. It works by simply take the reading from the best area and press the AE Lock button to hold the value in the camera memory. This is a good method for comparing tricky lighting situations where you are not entirely confident the 6-zones evaluative metering works yileds perfect results.

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